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No Filter? No Problem.

I’m thinking of expanding my horizons to television.  I am currently working on a proposal for a Netflix docuseries:

Living with a Filter-less Child:  How Words can Hurt Us Sometimes

It’s a real thing.

A kid that has no filter.

I know.

I live with one.

Mine at least has dimples, thank god.


But, in all seriousness, I digress.  As T.Puzzle has matured, he does realize that sharing every thought and opinion isn’t necessary.


I have lots of discussions with him about it.  For instance, on the way to a friend’s house, I had to go over different scenarios with him for practice.

“Ok, say you end up staying for lunch.  And, maybe, just maybe, what is offered to you isn’t your favorite…what do you say?”

He was quiet for a moment,

“Thank you……

for making me suffer.”

So close.

I won’t even tell you what he planned to do with his dishes once he was done eating.



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Thanks, but No Thanks

T.Puzzle had an excellent six month dental check-up.  Before we left for the dentist I kept reminding him that he needed to use his manners.  He goes to a great practice that takes him back alone.  Therefore, if I’m not with him reminding him every second about his manners, he has about a fifty percent success rate.

As we were leaving I asked him, “Did you remember your manners?”

“No, I forgot, Mom.  It was a long car ride over.”