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Design Stars

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
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I love to watch design shows.   So when Full Speed pipes up that we need new furniture my mind flashes to some interesting possibilities.  When my beach-cottage daydream is over I closely evaluate his intention.  Is he wondering out loud when Extreme Home Makeover is coming to give him a Jurassic-themed bedroom?  Or is he feeling bored and on the lookout for the ‘next best thing’?

Surprisingly, a third option revealed itself.

“Mom, I’m thinking we need to put a big welcome rug right here,” he shares as he points to the empty floor space in front of our lanai doors.  “Then, maybe here in the middle of the room we could get a trampoline so when T.Puzzle chair dives he won’t have to worry about getting hurt.”


Then, it gets even more interesting as T.Puzzle shares his design insight.  “Maybe we could put four beds in front of the TV so we can all lay down like we are sleeping when we watch a movie.  Dad could have football sheets, I could have Star Wars sheets, because I LOVE Star Wars, and Mom could have Barbie sheets.  What kind of sheets do you want, Full Speed?  Transformers?”

Look out HGTV I have two designers headed your way.

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The Big Bird Blues

Big Bird
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We had a great holiday weekend.  Somehow three days didn’t seem like enough.  I guess that’s a good sign that Mad Dog and I actually enjoy our time with our kids.

I don’t know if it was the longer weekend but whatever adjusting I’ve done over Full Speed and his start of kindergarten seemed to go out the window.  I was feeling very sad last night as I thought about this morning’s drop-off.  He still is doing an awesome job and seems to love all the newness and challenge of it.  Good for him, bad for me.

Full Speed when kindergarten seemed lifetimes away.

I’m sure I’ll adjust and by that time he will be moving on to first grade and I will be moving myself towards more emotional binge eating.

As for T.Puzzle his recovery time is winding down.  We see the eye doc tomorrow and while playgrounds and tae kwon do will still be off limits, he will most likely return to his preschool this week.  During his time at home I learned he no longer likes Sesame Street.  This may not seem like a big deal but to us Moms, it means the end of an era.  I still have not been able to erase it from our DVR.

Kindergarten and no more Sesame Street, it really is the dawn of a new age.

When Elmo and Big Bird were the bomb... oh, where did the time go T.Puzzle?
marital blissishness


Sometimes all you want to do as a Mom, or for that matter, as a woman, is watch something on television that doesn’t involve sports, cars, cartoon characters, blood, guts and don’t forget my favorite,… violence.

How does a lady find her zen in a house that is dominated by the opposite gender?

I am clearly outnumbered here.

All I’m in the mood for is to eat some chocolate and watch me a show with emotional themes and gripping drama relating to these emotional themes.

Sometimes that is a really tall order in my house and sometimes I have to settle for a violent, man-show because that is what marriage and compromise is all about.

I’m not a very gracious compromiser.

And sometimes, that’s the best I can do.