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Too Small!

I took little T.Puzzle with me to Kohl’s. It was a bold move. Mad Dog and I have a cruise coming up (9 days and counting) and I wanted to look for some dressy clothes for our dinners (I’m sensing stretchy, Mommy-pants just won’t cut it). I made one round through the store, grabbed the items with promise and headed to the dressing room. Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on if you ask Mad Dog or me), I liked every single thing I tried on (I can’t remember the last time that happened!).

T.Puzzle was mostly agreeable. He alternated playing cars and Power Rangers. Although he seemed to be enjoying this outing, he was a tough critic. He told me that everything I tried on was ‘too small’. Let’s just say, he’s no Tim Gunn.

We headed out of the dressing room and looped through the remainder of the store. He was having fun looking at everything and being respectably well-behaved. We go to check-out and the cashier peers down at T.Puzzle and comments on how cute he is. Of course he takes this exact moment to go crazy. He steals the cart and makes a run for it. You would of thought he was wanted by the law he was booking so fast. He’s weaving in a precarious, crazy-eight twirl (I give him props for creativity of movement), and I wrangle him back to the counter. Somehow I manage to complete the transaction.

The cashier tells me my total and how much I ‘saved’. I told her I would use that money towards a babysitter so the next time I could check-out in peace.