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The Not So Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved...
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Through the years of my motherhood adventure I often find it difficult to relate to my boys being that they are, well, boys.  Thankfully as they have gotten older I am finding more ways to feel connected to them.  One activity we all enjoy is doing learning activities together.  They actually like worksheets (for the most part) and I like helping them (for the most part).  It’s a great way to keep them entertained, quiet and every once in a while they actually learn something.

As Full Speed and I were working our way through some sentences trying to determine what the proper nouns were, he was fascinated by the name Grand Canyon.   Once he correctly identified it as a proper noun I told him that I had visited the Grand Canyon and it was spectacular.

“How cool!  How big were the cannons Mom?  Were they everywhere you went?”

“Not exactly, Full Speed.  There aren’t actually cannons.  A CANYON is a great, gaping hole in the ground that can go on for miles and miles and is enormous.  I have pictures of the Grand Canyon if you want to see.”

“No, thanks.”

Apparently if there wasn’t heavy artillery involved, he wasn’t interested.

Go figure.

children, gratitude, humor, mommyhood, parenting

Designated Spaces

The Atlantic Ocean.
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For sake of the imagination and in the interest of a unique outing, Mad Dog and I took the boys to view some model condominiums near the ocean.  This is not to say we are purchasing one, it’s just fun to look.

Full Speed and T.Puzzle immediately charmed our saleslady and happily traipsed around the grounds of the complex.  They met each model condo with overwhelming enthusiasm.  T.Puzzle showed a special affinity for the appliances.

“Ta da!” he exclaimed as he opened a small closet housing a stacked washer/dryer.   Or, he would say, “Oooooh, look at the refrigerator.  Isn’t it cool??”  Full Speed was more interested in the bedrooms and somehow always managed to pinpoint the master suite and claim it as his own.

We saw three with furniture and our last stop had the best view and was completely unfurnished.  This was the boys’ favorite.  It had the most open space and therefore they set to work claiming which rooms were designated karate rooms (this apparently turned out to be all of them but the kitchen) and the area near the fireplace in living room was the best place for a wrestling ring.

We commented to the saleslady that it was time to wrap things up as the boys were close to their breaking point.

“When they start acting like this, it means that either they need food or a sedative,” I quipped.  I’m glad she laughed and realized I was kidding.  Sometimes people take my humor literally and that can be very awkward especially if you are trying to show that you can responsibly pay a mortgage.

In the end as we were seated at lunch, Mad Dog and I agreed the third furnished condo was our fave.  Full Speed looked at us and said, “My favorite was the one with the karate rooms.”

Of course.