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The Story of a girl and her Buckeye

This is the story of a midwestern girl. She grew up in a rural town and never thought much beyond the outskirts of the farmlands that surrounded her. On a whim post-graduate school, she moved to Chicago. There, she met a Northwestern matriculating Buckeye. She didn’t think much of football but she did think much of the Buckeye. Quickly, she fell in love. Not so quickly, he did too.

Their romance wasn’t always a fairytale. No matter, the girl followed her heart again and again. On her convoluted path to finding everlasting love with this most handsomest of Buckeyes, she journeyed to Arizona with him to her first Ohio State National Championship game. As fate would have it, they won in a spectacular double overtime fashion.

January 3, 2002  Final Score:  Buckeyes 31, Hurricanes 24 (the girl still has the sweatshirt which she stole from her Buckeye)
January 3, 2002
Final Score: Buckeyes 31, Hurricanes 24
(the girl still has the sweatshirt which she stole from her Buckeye)


This prompted the Buckeye to believe in miracles.

He got over himself finally and proposed to the girl.

She said yes.


She married her Buckeye at Disney World that same year.



She didn’t even mind when Mickey had to show some Buckeye spirit.  I mean, she was finally married after all.  She was in a generous mood.




Two, awesome little Buckeyes soon followed. Understanding that her Beloved bled scarlet and gray, the girl agreed to raise their family strictly Buckeye.

the girl, her Buckeye and their first baby Buckeye
the girl, her Buckeye and their first baby Buckeye


Little Buckeye #2
Little Buckeye #2


Two more National Championships followed. The girl didn’t attend either as she had her little Buckeyes to care for and tickets for such events are a rarity. Both of these ended in heartbreaking losses. Her Buckeye made it to both of these. He likes to pretend he never went as both games stir painful memories for him.

Flash forward to present day and the Buckeyes had done it again. They were ready to take on the Oregon Ducks for the National Title. The girl hoped and prayed that somehow her Buckeye would get to go.

The Wednesday before the game the Buckeye called the girl.

“Are you sitting down?” he asked.


“We have four tickets to the game.”

“What! FOUR?”

And, that’s when this story starts getting really, really good.

The Buckeye and the girl packed up their little Buckeyes and hit the road. So what if it was 30 hours round trip? This was the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

As the weekend unfolded, the anxiety of the pending game was almost too much for the girl to take. She tried to keep her focus on being grateful to spend this adventure with her 3 favorite boys regardless of the game’s outcome. It wasn’t always easy.


Finally, game day arrived. As this little family made their way into the enormous stadium, nerves were at an all-time high. There were Buckeyes EVERYWHERE. It was like they were attending a home game at the ‘Shoe.  The band was impeccable, the crowd was electric, the jumbotron was massive,….it was AWESOME.

As the game commenced and the Ducks methodically marched down the field and scored on their first possession, the littlest Buckeye burst into tears. As the waterworks flowed, his heart lost its ability to believe in a Buckeye victory.

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The Buckeyes quickly answered and spirits were lifted instantly but remained precarious until solidly into the second half.





As the fourth quarter began to dwindle, the girl couldn’t believe that she was there. That the Buckeyes were going to win. Her Buckeye was joyous. Her little Buckeyes rejoiced. The whole stadium erupted as the final seconds ticked away.

She was there.

With them.

Celebrating a victory.


A once in a lifetime moment.



And, yes, she’d marry her Buckeye all over again.




See you next year!





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Something seemed amiss with my iPhone.  It was telling me that I was going to be riding in the car for two hours longer than I thought.  Wait a minute!  I agreed to ride ten hours to Baltimore, but for some reason, these two extra hours were not sitting well with me.  Twelve hours one way made me want to get out of the car immediately.  I would rather just live somewhere off of I-95 instead of having ridden in that car for one more second!!

Mad Dog was nonplussed.  He had managed to sweet talk me into this road trip to see Ohio State play Navy.   There was a lot about this trip that seemed crazy.  Driving 20 plus hours in four days, taking the boys out of school and oh, did I mention, it was all for a football game?  This may surprise you but I am not a passionate football fan.   On the upside, we were able to take the boys to the Naval Academy which was spectacular and watching the entire population of midshipman take the field before kick-off gave me goosebumps.  However, I still do not consider this a ‘college visit’, Mad Dog.  Yes, we technically visited a college, but no, my seven and nine-year old are not quite ready to enroll (enlist?).  Either way, it isn’t happening anytime soon.



As the game started and we watched our Buckeyes struggle, I begin to feel frustrated.  To make matters worse, my sensitive nervous system was not handling Navy’s cannon shots well.  To signify to the stadium that Navy had scored, regained possession or a quarter ended, their cannon would boom with enthusiasm.  It startled me almost every single time.  It got to be comical.  My boys would warn me it was coming and then, BOOM, I would nearly jump out of my skin.  Between the Buckeyes lackluster early performance and feeling like I was being shot by a cannon every five minutes, I was about ready to lose my mind.  At one point I considered storming the field to let Urban Meyer know that “Mommy did not just ride TWELVE hours for this and he better rally the team or cannon shots would be the least of his worries!”.   Thankfully, while it wasn’t pretty, the Buckeyes managed to pull out a win (Braxton Miller we miss you!).

T.Puzzle’s heart breaks as Navy scores.

Let’s hope the rest of the football season sees more wins, less cannons and lots more shared family experiences!  Go Buckeyes!