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All Heart

As we were watching yet another college sport on TV, a commercial for wrestling flicked across the screen.  Mad Dog asked the boys if they would be interested in watching that since they seem to enjoy wrestling each other so very, very much.  Before they could respond, T.Puzzle threw out some wrestling ‘facts’.

“Whenever I wrestle Full Speed, I always win.  Every time.  I never lose.”

Full Speed, being the bigger brother and all, sat for a moment and didn’t say anything.  I think in years to come, T.Puzzle is going to realize saying things like this will only cause him extensive emotional and physical pain.

Mad Dog explored T.Puzzle’s assumptions further.  “Really?  Every time?”

“Well, maybe not every time, but almost all the time.”

With that, wrestlemania was on.  Full Speed lunged and attacked.  He did not hold back.  It was violent, ugly and a lot of sick sounding thuds happened as little T.Puzzle’s body hit the floor repeatedly.  I have to give T.Puzzle credit, he never gave up.  Even after Full Speed had pinned him for the tenth time and was declared champion, T.Puzzle insisted he was never fully pinned.  In his mind, he may not have technically won, but he was and never will be a loser at wrestling or anything for that matter.

My wish for anyone reading this is that you believe in yourself as much as T.Puzzle believes in himself.  Imagine a world where each of us believed we were the best at everything we tried.   Each fight would find us victorious and each day would be another opportunity for us to shine.

T.Puzzle may have lost the round, but with heart like that, he hasn’t lost the match.


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Rules of the Road

The next time we head out on a road trip I need to devise a list of rules such as the following.

1.  Do not throw any objects whatsoever at Mom’s head whether in a vehicle or on land.  Better make that on horse, in a boat, in a go-kart, and at a magic show, too.

2.  Wrestling is allowed because with two boys it is inevitable.  However, wrestling 24/7 is not great.  Try to limit wrestling smack-downs to only eight per day.

3.  Try to go against Mommy instint at least fifty percent of time.  For instance, if I had followed my initial gut reaction at the riding stables, Full Speed would not have had the amazing experience of riding a horse all by himself:

4.  And lastly, always appreciate the opportunity you have been given to travel, have new experiences and spend time with the people you love.

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The Guru of Calm

This is T.Puzzle the morning after his second eye surgery playing calmly with his brother:

As you can tell, it’s a super easy to keep him calm and collected as his eyes are healing.  And Full Speed really does his part to keep T.Puzzle calm, too.

If you ever need tips on how to quiet down the chaos in your life, clearly I am your guru on such matters.

You’re welcome.

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Happy Fourth of July

Hope you are enjoying your holiday. My family will be visiting over the next week so I am taking a blog break. It will be sort of like a relaxing vacation if you consider managing this relaxing:

Trust me, my travel flask is already packed. Goes without sayin’.

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Full Speed Attacks

We had my friends over for the Superbowl. The boys were certain they were coming only to see them. Full Speed asked obsessively throughout the day when they would arrive. When the doorbell finally rang at 5:00, both boys cheered and ran to the door. Before he knew it, my friend’s husband was designated as Full Speed’s new wrestling partner. While he was sitting watching the game, Full Speed  would back up a few feet, run full-tilt at him and hurl his little body. My friend’s hubby, who thankfully was up for all of this, would catch him with one arm and hold him up high over his head. Full Speed thought this was the best time ever.

While all this nonsense was going on, my friend and I were critiquing the fashions from the Grammy’s (can you sense how deeply invested we were in the Superbowl’s outcome?), and of course we had to mention Lady Gaga’s outrageous get-up. So the next time Full Speed launches himself in the air, my friend’s husband doesn’t quite fully catch him and he falls towards the ground. It appears as if he is going to scream some sort of curse word (I had my fingers crossed that it would be mild like ‘shoot’ or ‘ouch’) as he is sailing through the air. Instead of using a bad word he screams out “LA-DEE GAAAA_ GAAAAH!” and lands in a heap of giggles.

Next time you stub your toe or the like, try it out. It works like a charm, even if you aren’t wearing platform heels and a barbed-wire hat.