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Role Models

Lately I’ve noticed that T.Puzzle has taken a genuine interest in learning to read.  He is also attempting to write letters and numbers.  He is highly motivated because he wants to do everything his big brother is doing. 

As long as he seems happy to learn these skills, I’m happy to help teach them to him.  In this instance having Full Speed as a role model for reading and writing success is a positive influence on T.Puzzle.

On the opposite end of siblings-as-role-models spectrum brings to mind a story my Mom told me many years ago.  My older sister simply refused to learn how to tie her shoes (for the record, she has since learned and is quite successful at it).  When my Mom asked her how she planned on getting them tied she replied she would wait until I was a little older and I could tie them for her.

Lucky me.

As you can see, there are pluses and minuses to having an older sibling.