My Happy Color

cute boysI start my day off on the wrong foot. Mad Dog has managed to play the sick card (upset stomach) and I have to get up with the boys. It’s the weekend; I’m supposed to get a break!! I grump my way through the morning and when Mad Dog makes an appearance I make an announcement. I am going to go out on a limb and allot myself a whole thirty minutes to shower (I’m actually washing and drying my hair) and I would like it to be an entirely solitary endeavor. I don’t want any wandering children invading my privacy. Mad Dog agrees but says I better lock my bedroom AND bathroom door for though prying hands may be little, they are persistent.

I also, and not very nicely, inform Mad Dog that while I’ll in fact attend Tae Kwon Do class, phrases like, ‘I can’t find it’, ‘I don’t know how to do that’, and ‘whose uniform is this anyway?’ cannot escape his lips. Told you I was crabby.

My point is that Mad Dog take on some of the ‘joy’ of preparing two, rambunctious boys for their Tae Kwon Do practice. My timing was awful. As soon as I am ready, I come downstairs to find a mess of uniforms and belts. To his credit, Mad Dog had changed T.Puzzle’s dirty diaper, made sure Full Speed had used the bathroom, had given the boys a snack and had the diaper bag ready (per my instruction). So, he got a good portion of the insane process complete (job well done!). I was left to the intricacies of the uniforms and belts.

The boys were outstanding at class. Yes, after six months of attendance, I can finally say that. Six long, harrowing months of attendance. We went to Sonic for lunch afterwards which is so much fun in a convertible on a beautiful, Florida day. The boys were messy but content.

We had them play outside for awhile when we returned home. Then during their quiet/nap time we had a sales appointment about getting our house painted. This paint has ceramic elements and is supposed to withstand Florida heat and rain remarkably well (salesman’s words, not mine). Mad Dog and I perused the colors and I wished the one named ‘White Wine’ was more to our liking. It would have been like my own, private, Mommyhood-coping joke. Every time I would pull into the driveway of our newly painted house, I would see the color and the image of it’s name would melt my stress away.


Anyway, it turned into a long, drawn-out sales pitch and the estimate was astounding (and not in the good way). When the salesman left and Mad Dog closed the door behind him, I said “I suppose our children don’t really need to go to college.” Looks like we will be making a visit to Home Depot to get some ‘estimates’ on gallons of regular, ceramic-less paint. The good news is; the liquor store is right across the parking lot.

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