A Comment of Appreciation

This is a special post of acknowledgement for my dear friend, Moni. When she reads my blog, she thoughtfully comments on each and every post. I appreciate all of her feedback and I appreciate her. She is an amazing and talented artist (thus the crazy art-type pic of my boys I put in this post is in her honor).

Thanks to her and everyone else out there sharing in this amazing journey of raising two unique, complicated bundles of energy. Looking forward to an amazing 2010 and hope you all will join me for the ride…., comments welcome!

2 thoughts on “A Comment of Appreciation”

    1. Your welcome. And I totally understand feeling stagnate about your art blog. I’ll admit, it’s for selfish reasons that I want to see your art. I love to see all that you create and I feel part of the process when I can check out the updates on your blog. Don’t force it, do it only if it feels right. Always follow your instinct.

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