health, mommyhood, self care (or lack thereof)

The Limerick

There once was a Mom who was sick,
From cleaning up way too much ick,

She did her best to recover,
Staying under the covers,

Reduced to writing bad limericks.

It’s all I got besides a nasty case of the flu. That’s why you all must pray for my recovery or this may become a blog of short, delusional poems.

2 thoughts on “The Limerick”

  1. lol! u r funny…but I know that as you wrote this you must have felt awfully crummy. I sent a prayer to Jesus for your good health to return šŸ™‚

    1. That was a bad day and the only thing that kept popping in my head over and over was this limerick. Who am I to fight the creative process, right?

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