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No Help

Every parent of young children knows that the hours from about three p.m. until roughly seven or eight p.m. (assuming your children go to bed at a decent time) is a tough stretch of the day. Especially if your kids are super active (like mine) and you already have had an extremely busy day.

I turned and asked Mad Dog, ” What are we doing with the rest of our day?”

He didn’t have a good answer and then proceeded to fall fast sleep.

Not helping, not helping at all.

2 thoughts on “No Help”

  1. Hilarious!! Yes, as a mum of 2 young boys, I am very familiar with the horror that is the countdown to 7pm. I would suggest setting the little one on him..

    1. When I saw you have two boys, I know you understood completely. Our day had already consisted of cartoon watching, Tae Kwon Do practice, a long drive to have lunch outside, play at toy store with activity tables and a failed attempt to get my three year old to nap. We still had four more hours to go in our day and I was at a loss when I wrote my post. Eventually we went to an outlet mall and Frick and Frack wreaked havoc but at least it got us through until bedtime.

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