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You Can Dance (for inspiration)

Full Speed and I had a dance-off with Mad Dog as the judge. We did it to honor our recent viewing of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ which is a television competition.

Even though I unleashed my best moves (they were almost as amazing as my cooking skills), Full Speed was the hands-down winner. Later when we were eating dinner I asked him where he learned his amazing and award winning break-dancing moves. These moves are a spectacular display of energy, creativity and boundless, pounding movement.

“Well, Mom, I didn’t learn them, I was born already knowing them,” he replied in that self-assured way that only Full Speed can.

Interesting. I certainly don’t possess any break-dancing genes/ability. I’m going have to ask Mad Dog to break it down for me when he gets home from work tonight. I’d like to see the original break-dance genes in motion.

Bust a move.

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