Kids Optional

My friend was coming over for dinner. Mad Dog has been out of town all week, so it was a perfect time to catch up with my her. To prepare I went to the grocery for a pasta/chicken dish and grabbed a lovely bottle of wine.

As I was going through check-out the cashier carded me for the wine. This flustered me completely because it was so unexpected. I’m in a groove at the grocery and have my routine. When you ask for my I.D. I can’t function because that’s not a usual part of the process.

I swipe my credit card and it asks for my pin number. Huh? I figured I must have accidentally swiped my debit. I tell the cashier to run it through anyway. Access denied. Now I’m even more confused. I run my credit card again and this time I realize too late that I pushed the debit button instead of credit. That’s why it had asked for my pin previously and didn’t work when I entered it. I have to run my card two more times before I get it right. I could tell the cashier was exchanging a look with the bagger. I’m sure they were wondering if I had already tapped into my wine supply in the liquor isle.

I had not. I attribute this all to a serious case of Mommy Brain. Mad Dog has been out of town all week so that only increases my symptoms of Mommy Brain. I’m scattered, tired, over-anxious and kind of cranky. This week I get to blame everything on Mad Dog’s travel. Can’t find my keys? Mad Dog’s fault. My boys acting up? Mad Dog’s fault, again.

The only solution is for Mad Dog to come home. Inevitably if he has to travel then he has to take me with him (kids optional).

2 thoughts on “Kids Optional”

  1. ahhh that is too funny. I am sure not funny at the time. It is frustrating me carded sometimes. I hope you had a lovely pasta dinner with a nice side of wine! You deserve it!

    1. It’s hard because being a Mom can be so overwhelming, you sometimes lose your ability to function like a normal human. I called my sister after and we had a good laugh. Laughter makes everything better.

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