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Et Tu, T.Puzzle?

I’ve dedicated previous posts to the personality dilemma of little T.Puzzle.  When he was in utero I prayed, pleaded and begged him to be less strong-willed than Full Speed before him.  Unfortunately, the kid has held his own in the stubborn arena and it seems to be getting worse.

As a whole, T.Puzzle has been more of an enigma to me.  Full Speed and his personality traits were easier to identify because he is almost a complete carbon copy of Mad Dog.  So, all I had to do was look to Mad Dog to help me understand what was making Full Speed tick.  Over time this has helped me tremendously.

T.Puzzle on the other hand has shown more signs of my personality.  He is more expressive, affectionate and can be extremely empathic.  He can even be downright adorable with his expressions of loving devotion. I thought maybe this would mean that some of my previous pleas to the cosmos had been answered.  While he certainly has his share of assertive independence, I hoped his sensitive side would balance it out or at least soften the edges a bit.

I am so, so very wrong.  T.Puzzle lately has been giving me and especially his teachers at school, a run for our money.   He is so much like Full Speed and Mad Dog it makes me want to cry just a little bit.  Granted, being assertive, confident and strong-willed will get you far in your adult life.  The downside is that your Mom may completely lose her mind in the process of getting you there.

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