Crazy Legs

Full Speed’s flag football season wrapped up this morning.  It took him a while to hit his stride.  Once he gained some momentum in the season, he became one of the team’s most electrifying players.  Parents would comment on the sideline how he was all heart.  He gave no less than 100% for each and every play whether it was in a game or at practice.  His little fifty pound body was flying, diving, rolling and leaping all over that field.  There were touchdowns, sacks, two-point conversions and Tasmanian devil-like runs down the field.

The season was not without its bumps. Like Mad Dog says, every superhero has an Achillies heel.  Crazy Legs was not immune.


He doesn’t like rain.  He doesn’t like his clothes to be wet.  The more rain-soaked his football jersey, the worse his attitude became.

Crazy Legs may return to flag football to try to reclaim some of his early season glory.

Let’s hope next season is full-out sunshine or Crazy Legs may have to change his nickname to Lazy Legs.

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