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Shower Space

Siblings often are the people you love to hate.  When you are growing up they are your biggest competitors for just about everything.  If you are lucky, they are your biggest supporters, too.

Recently, Full Speed has become more and more frustrated with T.Puzzle.  I’ve definitely noticed the developmental gap widening between them.  Somehow, second grade seems almost light years away from kindergarten.   Eventually, T.Puzzle will catch-up to Full Speed and this gap will be much less noticeable.  Until then, it is T.Puzzle’s absolute delight to torment his older brother.

After a particularly challenging afternoon of brotherly quarreling, Full Speed was done.  We were all upstairs when Full Speed marched up to me and declared, “I’m going downstairs to take my shower.  I want to do it by MYSELF! T.Puzzle can do his after.”  The normal routine is to have them both head in to shower at the same time, but sensing Full Speed was ready to snap I acquiesced to his request.

He proceeded to trounce determinedly downstairs to get started.  T.Puzzle and I remained upstairs while I finished putting away some laundry.  I started to feel a little sad seeing Full Speed wanting his independence from his brother.

About two minutes later Full Speed comes racing back upstairs and zips into my bedroom.  I looked up, startled, and asked him what he needed.

“Um, actually, it’s pretty scary downstairs all by myself.  I think I want T.Puzzle to come with me.”

And just like that, the bonds of brotherhood were renewed.

Brothers for life!
Brothers for life!

1 thought on “Shower Space”

  1. My boys fight 12 hours a day, but it never fails, I always catching them sleeping in the same room. I guess bedtime rolls around and somebody decides they better hang on to each other just a little bit longer. My older son says little brothers are “arch enemy by day, sidekick by night!” 🙂

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