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(Toe)tal Commitment

I have come to accept that I live in a different universe than that of my boys.  Even though our galaxies cross paths sometimes, mostly I am a lone planet wondering how I gave birth to two such incredibly competitive creatures.  We’ve always known that Full Speed was born a competitor.  T.Puzzle’s competitive streak has been a slow fire burning that lately has erupted into volcanic displays of passion and heart especially on the soccer field (his tantrums after a loss are a sight to behold). 

As with anything done to an excess, there can be a downside.  After fifteen pounding hours of soccer camp last week, regularly playing soccer in the cul-de-sac and three games of 3v3 soccer on Monday night, little T.Puzzle has developed an infected, ingrown toenail.  Now, I’ve never had one so I can’t say for sure how painful it is.  According to Mad Dog, ingrown toenails can cause shooting pains that will make you see stars.  And yet, T.Puzzle played on.  Even after our trip to the podiatrist and screams of fear and pain from him as the aggravating piece of toenail was cut away, he asked me if he could play soccer when we got home.

I do not understand.  Wouldn’t a normal kid at least want a day or two to rest his foot?  Or maybe play a sport that doesn’t involve kicking? 

At least he enjoys his daily foot soaking.  Maybe I’ll have someone to go to the spa with me after all.  That’s something I completely understand.