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The Real Secret (of Parenting)

I have finally stumbled upon a sure-fire way to get my boys to be pleasantly complacent.  The secret is to have them run soccer drills for three solid hours at camp every morning.  The key is that the temperature must stay in the mid-90 range and 100% humidity is a great bonus. 

My boys were so wiped after their soccer camp that they were absolute angels when I dragged them along to my allergy shot.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  They sat still (and quietly!) in the waiting area.  They were so subdued that I even let them remain seated while I went back for my shot.  As I checked my account balance behind the waiting room doors, the calm was so pervasive, I worried that the boys might have slipped into an unconscious state.  When I walked out to get them they were still sitting nicely.  Just sitting there.  Imagine!

Next week, swim lessons.  I hope their instructors train them like Olympians!

children, family, gratitude, humor, kids, motherhood, parenting

Soccer Season Summation

The boys’ soccer season officially ended over the weekend.  I never quite recovered my courage to snap a lot of photos during a game.  After experiencing brutal losses in both their season openers, fear won over even though both teams pulled out respectable .500 seasons in the end.  All I could imagine is that I would be clicking away in rapid succession as we were crushed by the opposition.  Nope.  Could not do it.  

I did manage to at least get a photo or two of the boys in their uniforms.  For Moms that just doesn’t get old.  Every kid is cute in a uniform.

Exhibit A for cuteness

I learned two very valuable lessons over the course of the season.  The first being no matter how much I wish it, dream it, or imagine it, my boys will never calmly get ready for any sports-related activity.  They just won’t.  End of story.

See what I mean?

I also learned that letting go of your kids happens a lot sooner than you think and you never can be ready for when  it happens.  As I watched the boys practice soccer with Mad Dog yesterday in our cul-de-sac (because apparently 6 consecutive days of soccer is not enough)  it struck me, my boys are officially Daddy’s boys.   Sure, I had a great run of about seven years and T.Puzzle has held out longer as a Mommy’s boy, but for the most part it’s over.   The boys are now entering official man territory and while Moms are welcome there, they aren’t the top priority any longer.  Winning, independence and building soccer skills are now their main goals (soccer pun intended).

It was fun while it lasted being the center of their universe.  Okay, if you’ve read this blog before, maybe fun is the wrong word.  It actually was kind of overwhelming and nightmarish at times.   Anyway, I will cherish the formative years I had as their number one focus and thank my lucky stars they have someone as awesome as Mad Dog to look up to in the future.

So, in summation, Full Speed and T.Puzzle learned a little more about life from the lessons on the soccer field (as did Mom) and they grew up before my very eyes.   

It was a winning season after all.