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Well I Never!

The surgery was a success. Full Speed’s right lense was removed and it went smoothly and quickly. We learn how much his vision has improved in the days and weeks to come. He handled everything beautifully.

Even though he was a champ, waking up from anesthesia was a bit of a challenge. The drugs can alter behavior and demeanor. That certainly was true for Full Speed.  Granted, he is a stubborn boy by nature, this took it one step farther.

He initially woke up yelling, “I WANT MY PATCH OFF OF MY FACE! I WANT THIS STUFF OFF MY ARM!” He wanted everything off from the patch to his IV immediately. He wanted to let the world know it, too. He looked at me with anger in his eyes and proceeded to successfully yank off his pulse/ox (a tiny contraption that is bandaged to your finger to measure your oxygen level). I managed to stop the yanking and pulling off of everything else, but the pulse/ox fell limp to the floor.

He yelled and yelled. He demanded and yelled some more. Mad Dog and I did our best to redirect. It only made him angrier.

I noticed (as Moms do) that it had been four hours since Full Speed had last used the facilities. The previous time he had emerged from surgery, he peed all over himself and all over me. Moms are pretty on top of things so I had extra clothes for him packed. For me I had nothing. I had to wear scrubs home. Of course Mad Dog thought that was kind of hot. I remember feeling exactly the opposite of hot in that moment.

I asked Full Speed, “Do you have to use the bathroom?”

“NO!” he responded.

“Do you want Mommy or Daddy to take you?” I said.


“Sweetie, you need to use the bathroom….,” I say again. Before I finish my thought he shouts, “NO! I AM NOT GOING TO THE BATHROOM!”

Mad Dog tries to intervene. “Full Speed, you are going to the bathroom. Let’s go.”

He whips his head around and faces us both. He is clearly angry. “NEVER!”

He is never going to the bathroom again apparently. Someone find me some scrubs. Looks like I’m going to need them.

1 thought on “Well I Never!”

  1. oh this story was very touching and the last part made me laugh…you have a very funny way of stating stuff and I can see you now with this look on your face in scrubs that says I love my child and I told you so. lol. what a mom wouldn’t do right…

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