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All That Manners

When I picked up Full Speed from school, he didn’t exactly get a glowing report from his teacher. Apparently there was some sort of scuffle over the ownership of a chair that resulted in him grabbing his classmate and choking the this classmate in anger. So……, what exactly does a Mom say in response to that?

The teacher explained that Full Speed responded to discipline appropriately and quickly doled out the proper apology to his classmate. She said that the ‘angry’ incident wasn’t enough to impact his overall report for the day. He still had received a blue snowflake (red is bad) as his final behavior mark for the day. I left feeling that although Full Speed had acted delinquently, that at least he was a polite delinquent.

Since it was Grandpa’s last night here, T.Puzzle, Full Speed and myself took him out to dinner one more time. I was a little shaken up about Full Speed’s bad report at school and I was feeling less than prepared for dealing with any antics from my boys. When the food arrived and the waiter placed Full Speed’s cheeseburger in front of him, I said, “What do you say, Full Speed?” My hope was to elicit a ‘thank you’ from him. Again, I am trying very hard to raise a polite delinquent. Instead, he shouts, “YAHOO!”

At least the waiter had a sense of humor and cracked a smile. Thankfully, tomorrow will soon be here and is another chance for me to teach my guys manners, reinforce my ‘no-choking’ policy and attempt to always, always, try to find the silver lining in the cracks of this crazy façade we call motherhood.

4 thoughts on “All That Manners”

  1. We all surrive. Parents, children etc. It is an amazing journey. Not all that happens is fun! Some of it we can laugh at now and some has to wait until later, when your children are parents. And there are incidents that you just forget and move on.

    1. I just hope the decisions I make now have a positive impact on their future. I will be there to cheer, support and tear my hair out along the way.

  2. oh my! If I were in your shoes I would have no clue what to say! Well yes at least the overall day was still a result in a blue snowflake.

    I can imagine that teaching politeness and manners can sometimes be challenging and trying. I think overall it is just how the personal is feeling regardless of how they are taught. I sometimes have to call hunter, my little piglet at the table.

    I so also have to say that I would have laughed if I were there….which I am sure would not have been good. Yahoo, that is so funny. When I was younger I would say “rock n Roll” to what my mom wished I would have said “please”. I still laugh…the silliness can be irritating at times but just sometimes it is very refreshing.

    1. Even though I was frustrated by the ‘YAHOO”, it was so purely Frack in all his enthusiastic glory, it helped me smile a little bit. Which was good since I was so frustrated about the choking incident at school. I get the sense that he is highly energetic at times but ultimately responds pretty well to authority. Much like he is at home. I guess that’s a good thing.

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