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The Army of Brotherhood

Full Speed has declared that he would like to join the military or be a police officer when he is grown.  Whatever he says he wants to be I agree with him wholeheartedly.  Why?  This is because my own Mom never once scoffed at my goal of being a ballerina.  She didn’t hold it against me that I had never taken one ballet class and that I was better at throwing a softball than doing a pirouette.  She was good like that.  Therefore I have an ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it’ sort of policy with my own kids.  Note to self…still have never taken a ballet class, maybe my policy should be revised.

As for now, Full Speed’s military aspirations are still in place.  Full Speed must have seen the commercial for ‘Surprise Homecoming’ on TLC.  It’s a show dedicated to reuniting military families with their deployed loved ones.  This is the conversation I overheard between him and T.Puzzle:

Full Speed: If there was a war and I was in the army I would take a break and come home and surprise my family.

T.Puzzle:  You would surprise me?

Full Speed:  Well, no, I would probably surprise the person I married and my kids.  I bet my kids would miss me a whole lot.

T.Puzzle:  Oooh, man! (sounding quite bereft)  You really aren’t going to surprise me?

Full Speed: (spoken with trepidation)  Alright, I’ll surprise you, too.

T.Puzzle:  YAY!

Brothers for life!

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