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A Dinosaur and a Prayer

Brachiosaurus animatronic model
Image via Wikipedia

All week long the boys tried to convince me that Mad Dog needed to see the Dino Alive! exhibit at the zoo.  They were convinced he was most certainly experiencing sleepless nights until he witnessed the wonders of animatronic dinosaurs with his own eyes.

We started out our Sunday with a cloudless sky, hope in our hearts and our zoo membership card in the car console.

I told Mad Dog to be prepared.  He was going to need to carry T.Puzzle throughout the wandering path of hidden dinosaurs.  I told him by the end of our last visit, T.Puzzle had his arms and legs locked on me in a death grip, Full Speed was cowering behind me and all that stood between me and the gigantic T-Rex was my steely resolve.

This outing was a little different.  Both boys insisted on walking on their own through the maze of trees and roaring reptiles.  Full Speed compensated his fear by staying true to his name.  He would dart as fast as he could away from any sense of danger.

T.Puzzle, well, he coped in another way.  He chose prayer.  He clasped his hands tightly together as he willed his feet to keep moving.  A step here, a step there and a prayer right here.

He kept his hands clasped like that through our entire dinosaur adventure.

Cutest four year old ever.

2 thoughts on “A Dinosaur and a Prayer”

    1. He does this every so often not realizing he is clasping his hands in a prayer like manner. It’s so cute. Usually happens when he’s sleepy or anxious. I was glad Mad Dog captured in on his phone.

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