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Have Smack-Down, Will Travel

Table football (Bonzini style table).
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We were at the gym as a family.  Even though Full Speed grumbled over having to go to the kids’ zone it was still a mostly successful outing.  As we were wrapping things up to head to lunch, Mad Dog received a work call.  While he was resolving the issue at hand, I grabbed the boys and headed to the foosball table in the gym’s common area.   The game between the boys started off nicely enough and then their competitive spirit had things heading south in a hurry.  A physical altercation was brewing and I saw some karate chops to the head in T.Puzzle’s near future. When Mad Dog was finally able to join us he made the snap decision that we needed to get out of there fast.  I didn’t see the hurry because my boys are going to be crazy no matter where they are.  Foosball table or not, smack-downs will happen.  Mad Dog completely agreed with me (smart man).  However, he thought it was best to relocate to a place where nobody would recognize us.

Good call.

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