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Setting the Bar Low

Sometimes I exasperate myself wishing my boys would pay attention to me.  It’s frustrating when you instruct your kid to put their dirty laundry in the utility sink (located conveniently in the laundry room), and instead, it winds up in an unsanitary heap in your kitchen sink.  Yuck.  The only way I can remotely relate to this lack of attention to detail, is when Mad Dog spouts off some football score that I am specifically supposed to tell the boys about in the morning.  Of course, the first thing they ask me when bounding downstairs is, “Mom, did they win?”  I respond with a quick, “Sure!” and then a moment later, realize that no, such and such team did not win.  “Sorry, guys, but I meant to say they lost.”

“Well, what was the score, then?” they chime together.

Whoa!  I’m supposed to remember who won AND the score?

I think it might be helpful if everyone took a deep breath and lowered their expectations.  Then again, dirty laundry in my kitchen sink?  Really?

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